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Why Choose Talent Trellis?

Labor/Sourcing Savings

Save up to 70% on talent costs and still get great work done. Save time finding, talking to, and picking the right talent.

Excellence Guaranteed

We have locations in North America and our sourcing country, so checking quality of work is easy. We test our talent to make sure they are good at their jobs. If needed, we can find new talent in 2 days.


Our talent went through the British Education System and we check how good they are at communicating and understanding.

Time Zone

We work in your timezone. Our global talent pool means there’s always someone working somewhere.

Talent Loyalty & Retention

We make sure everyone is happy at work, gets time off, and feels appreciated. We often go out for dinner and fun activities together to keep everyone excited and joyful.

24/7 Support

We are available 24/7 for support no matter what issue arises.

Don't just take our word for it...
Our clients are our biggest advocates!

How It works

Discovery Call

We talk with people who need help to see what they need. Then we make a list of what we need to find in our talent. We share cool ideas and tools to help their business get bigger.

Create a Test

We create a test made by smart people to see if the talent can do the job well. This makes picking talent fair, so we don't like someone more for no good reason.


We send the test to our collected talent. If they do really well, we plan a time to talk with them.


We keep talking to people until we find the top 3 we like most.


We schedule an interview with the client. If everything's good, we make a deal and start working. If not, we do steps 3-4 again to find the right talent.


We keep helping with starting, learning, managing projects, and making sure things are done right.

Get to know us...

What we do?

We help other companies grow by finding team members from all over the world. We don’t just find people to do jobs; we find the right people who can make a big, happy difference wherever they work.

How we do it?

We believe in being real, talking openly, and understanding what people really want in their jobs. We chat with people to know what they dream about and make sure they fit well with our big family at Talent Trellis.

Why we do it?

At Talent Trellis, we help people find jobs they love, jobs that make them happy and help them grow. We think when people do work they care about, it’s good for them and great for the places they work at. We also want to help young people from places where things can be tough, to have good chances in life.

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Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.

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