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About Us

What does Talent Trellis offer?
Gateway to global talent

Talent Trellis is your gateway to stellar international talent. We simplify global recruitment for your business. Our seasoned team guides you through each step - from handpicking the perfect candidates to bridging time zone gaps.

Diverse job openings

Talent Trellis attracts skilled workers to apply for a multitude of diverse job openings, allowing them to showcase their abilities and enhance their skill set from the comfort of their homes.

Why Us
TALENT TRELLIS INC is dedicated to bridging the opportunity gap by linking businesses with exceptional global talent, and empowering them to reach new heights of success.
Our 6 Phase Approach
Phase 01

Engage In Thorough Discussion With Clients To Understand Position, Company Culture, And Create Detailed Job Blueprint.

Phase 02

Utilize an extensive network to uncover highly qualified candidates who align precisely with initial job description.

Phase 03

Carefully review resumes, select top candidates, and conduct comprehensive interviews to confirm qualifications and communication skills.

Phase 04

Introduce top 2-3 candidates to clients for in-person interviews.

Phase 05

Upon client satisfaction and candidate selection, sign the contract and begin work; otherwise, repeat phases 2-4.

Phase 06

Provide ongoing support and conduct regular performance check-ins to ensure exceptional quality.

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